I love researching and experimenting with ideas, science, and creativity. My mission is to build human & environment centric products for a better tomorrow.

However, for now I am

  • Crafting a delightful customer experience in entertainment tech, as a product lead

  • Spending more time listening to music and enjoying art

  • In pursuit of science

  • Deep diving into Nihilism

Side quests [in the reverse order of their origin]

  • Host: Block the bullshit web V2: Block advertisements and trackers across network via Oracle cloud using Pi-Hole & OpenVPN, for free.

  • Sound Of Atoms: Jump into the world of unknown and explore music [Abandonware as Twitter kept suspending our API without any solid reasoning].

  • Hazmat: An OSS browser extension to filter unwanted subreddits from r/Popular.

  • TAP - The Art Project: A Platform to find and enjoy AFK life experiences.

  • A free knowledge repository to enter and grow in the field of product management.

  • A Volunteer driven, crowd-sourced tracker for COVID-19 cases in India.

  • Personal Tracker: Track passwords and investments across platforms with Google cloud security, for free.

  • Host: Block the bullshit web V1: Block advertisements and trackers on Microsoft Windows with a native solution.

  • #ThankYouWikipedia: An OSS Twitter bot periodically tweeting a random Wikipedia article.

*Batteries included.