Frequently asked questions

No, Floydimus is my screen name aka virtual identity that I created for privacy reasons.

I am huge fan of an English rock act, Pink Floyd. Fans are called Floydians and I Latinised it to Floydimus.

Inspired by one of my favourite artists, Banksy, I believe that my work should be my identity and speak on my behalf. Also, I prefer a private life.

Meet me at, last Thursday.

Yes, I think so. Reheating my Ramen was indeed a spiritual experience.

I always wanted to learn and play drums, I started with a practice pad; however, I could not build discipline due to variety of reasons.

I am an Spreadsheet junkie. It's fun to try new formulas and work with a workbook all day.

No, because I believe there are smarter people than me to do so. Also, #RTFM

Emails are the best way to reach me.


For queries, creative insults, or personalised death threats (yes, I have received them in the past) write your letters to hello[at]prismo[dot]net.

If emails don't get through, try smoke signals or sending pigeons, ask them to fly east.

Warrant canary