Hosts: Block the bullshit web V2

Advertisements, tracking scripts and other countless lines of code downloaded on to your machine to spam and monitor you whenever you connect to the internet.

Host is a project to block advertisements, tracking scripts and other websites including pornographic content using this host file.

We will use Pi-Hole as our DNS resolver which will be tunnelled via OpenVPN. Both the applications will be hosted on Oracle Cloud.

Thanks to r/pihole community for their love and support.

Step-by-step guide

Caution: We will enable the root access for convenience, which is strongly discouraged. If you are familiar with SSH, then I recommend you to use that approach. Proceed with caution.


[Note: The common practice is not to do this. Here the use case is security vs. convenience, where this approach is convenient but may be risky to permit remote access via root. This is used later in step 15]

[Note: As mentioned earlier, do this at your own risk - this method allows you to easily connect to VM and grab any file from anywhere but this may pose a security risk]

Performance stats

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