Hosts: Block the bullshit web V1

Advertisements, tracking scripts and other countless lines of code downloaded on to your machine to spam and monitor you whenever you connect to the internet.

Host is a project to block advertisements, tracking scripts and other websites including pornographic content using this host file.

I also have integrated a feature to toggle the Host file on/off as per the need. Currently, this approach is available for Windows operating system.

Project name inspired from:

Hosts file

This hosts file consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a unified hosts file with duplicates removed.



hosts.bat file is used to toggle hosts file on and off via UAC permission.


How to setup

How to use

We might often have to turn the hosts file on and off, for various reasons. Doing this by navigating all the way to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and making necessary changes will be a pain. So in this section we will create shortcut to toggle the hosts file whenever required. There are two methods for this, follow whichever suits you.

Method 1

Method 2