Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a creator in a world of consumers. An observer, free thinker, and a curious soul.

I love to learn and believe that knowledge should be available & accessible to all for free, and only through diversity we can truly build a better world.

Apart from that, I enjoy listening to the sound of water, reading philosophy, attending concerts (I am a fan of distorted guitar) and art events. Conversations about time travel, psychology, history, or space excite me. And occasionally, I do get emotional over fonts and colours.

If I were to pick another career path, I'd either be an anthropologist, archaeologist, sound engineer, musician (or some type of artist), travel guide, museum curator, or even own & run a burger joint at a beach with rock and roll playing all day.

However, for the time being, I am a product manager specialising in product strategy and I am glad that I build great software products for a living.

Lastly, I am biased towards clean and simple designs.