I am Floydimus 😄

A curious guy, being happy is my favourite thing life.


Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a creator in a world of consumers. An observer, free thinker, and a curious soul.

I love to learn new stuff and believe that knowledge should be available & accessible to all for free and that only through diversity in the workforce we can truly build exceptional products.

Apart from that, I love the sound of water, reading philosophy, attending music gigs and art events (also an Air Guitarist). Discussions related to Technology, Design, Psychology, History, or Space excite me. And I often get emotional over fonts and colours.

If I were to pick another career path, I'd either be an Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Sound Engineer, Musician (or Artist of some kind), Travel Guide, or maybe own & run Burger Joint with Rock 'n' Roll playing all day.

However, right now, I am a Senior Product Manager specialising in Design Psychology and I am glad that I build great software products for a living.

And yes, I am biased toward clean and simple designs.


I love researching and experimenting with ideas, science, and creativity. My mission is to build more human and environment centric products for a better tomorrow.

However, for now my plate is full with

  • My employment as a Senior Product Manager leading Product Innovation (Machine Intelligence, Conversational AI, and User Experience).

  • TAP - The Art Project: A Platform to find and enjoy AFK life experiences.

Some of my past projects

  • ProductX.io: A free knowledge repository to enter and grow in the field of Product Management.

  • covid19india.org: COVID-19 tracker for India.

  • Personal Tracker: Track passwords and investments across platforms with Google cloud security, for free.

For all connects, queries, creative insults, or death threats write to hello@prismo.net. If emails don't get through, you can send pigeons too, ask them to fly east.